Obelisk Board Game

Obelisk is a cooperative strategy board game developed in Cleveland, with the help of the TechCentral - the Cleveland Public Library maker space.

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Eliot Aretskin-Hariton

Eliot Aretskin-Hariton

As avid gamers, we noticed a lack of co-operative games that families could play together. Additionally, we enjoy the geometry puzzles of modern tower defense computer games. We wanted to be able to share that type of challenge with a larger circle of friends. In December of 2016 we embarked on the journey to create our game, Obelisk. We started making test versions on the laser cutter at the Cleveland Public Library and the Sear's think[box]. From there we progressed to a fully formed deluxe version produced by the GameCrafter. Next we worked on standard versions of the game that would use the same mechanics at a reduced price point. We published a print an play version as well as a standard version on the GameCrafter. We hope you enjoy playing this game as much as we have enjoyed making it. - Eliot & Asya

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Azzy Aretskin-Hariton