YOU are a Maker if you craft, build, create, design, invent, tinker, or tweak just about anything.
Maker Faire is all about Makers like YOU showing off your skills, projects and inventions.

Answer this Call for Makers and join the biggest show and tell in the CLE!

This year’s Maker Faire Cleveland is going virtual! Participate from your home, workshop, or business. 

You can:

  • share your projects online
  • demo your project(s) (livestream or pre-recorded)
  • offer a tutorial (livestream or pre-recorded)
  • host a discussion (livestream or pre-recorded)
  • give a presentation (livestream or pre-recorded)
  • host a workshop (livestream or pre-recorded)
  • do a “behind the scenes” tours of your Maker workspace (whether it’s the corner of your bedroom, half of the garage, your basement, a MakerSpace, your Maker business, or your full-blown manufacturing facility!  (livestream or pre-recorded)

Maker Faire Cleveland 2020 takes place on Saturday, November 7, 2020. 

The main events take place from 10am – 5pm on that day, but a new, online community is being formed, as well, offering a venue to keep the Maker energy and activities going all year round! 


The Call for Makers has closed for this year's Maker Faire Cleveland. Come visit us at Maker Faire Cleveland on Nov. 7, 2020 at For more information or to be notified when the Call for Makers opens for next year's Maker Faire, contact the MFCLE team at