YOU are a Maker if you craft, build, create, design, invent, tinker, or tweak just about anything.
Maker Faire is all about Makers like YOU showing off your skills, projects and inventions.

Click here and answer our Call for Makers to join the biggest show and tell in the CLE!

This year’s Maker Faire Cleveland is coming back LIVE and it’s expanding to a full week of Maker action.

NOVEMBER 15 -20, 2021 
Showcase event: Saturday, November 20, 2021 from 6 – 9pm at the Great Lakes Science Center

You can:

  • demo your project(s)
  • offer a tutorial (pre-recorded)
  • host a discussion 
  • give a presentation (pre-recorded options are acceptable)
  • host a workshop
  • do a “behind the scenes” tour of your Maker workspace (whether it’s the corner of your bedroom, half of the garage, your basement, a MakerSpace, your Maker business, or your full-blown manufacturing facility!  (livestream or pre-recorded)
  • if you’re not up for an in-person event right now, there is an online Maker Faire Cleveland community where you can share your projects, too.  

Maker Faire Cleveland 2021 takes place during the week of November 15 – 20, 2021  

Daily Maker inspiration will take place at Cleveland Public Library locations all across the city from Monday, November 15 through Saturday afternoon, November 20. 

Then, our showcase event at the Great Lakes Science Center caps off the week on Saturday, November 20 from 6 – 9pm, offering a curated, interactive experience for all ages.