JOE’S Back Cover Copy

Natalie “Nat” Cordell wants it all—and almost has it.

She’s educated, talented, makes her own money, pays her own way in life, and has both men and women vying for her attention.

But what she doesn’t have is a ring fro

Stella Hall

Stella Hall

In Stella’s novel Swing Lowe Sweet Chariote, protagonist Chariote Lowe, a recent high school graduate from inner city Cleveland witnesses the tragic murder of her best friend, and so begins her slow descent into becoming a cold-blooded killer. Matching the novel’s intensity and heightened emotion, the popular indie movie after the book is described by D. Ryan Mowery, Ryan’s Reviews as “A heavy hard-hitting urban drama that packs a large emotional impact.” Produced by HWIC FilmWorks, the popular indie film aired at five film festivals and made Official Selection for the Greater Cleveland Urban Film Festival, 2013. Stella’s writing has appeared in Ebony and Today’s Black Woman among other publications, and she’s founder and CEO of Blacpanther Publications, dedicated to representing strong black female characters. In her books, Stella gives readers a chilling, fast-paced read they won’t forget. She loves placing female protagonists in dangerous, real-life situations where their smarts and instincts are put to the test. Joe, her new novel Stella shares a similar spellbinding quality to her previous one. Natalie “Nat” Cordell is educated, talented, makes her own money, yet wants a ring from the one man she truly loves. Forced to give up her exotic dancing career, she counts on Joe who she works with to have her back. As the drama in her life escalates, Nat clings to Joe and her hope for a ring, while confronting what she truly wants out of life and love. Stella is a model and dancer who has worked with internationally recognized Les Twins, Laurent Nicolas and Larry Nicolas Bourgeois, French dancers, choreographers, producers, along with Yanis Marshall, French dancer and choreographer. Her love of dance and movement gives her novels a visceral, fast-paced quality that keeps readers hooked. You can find Swing Lowe Sweet Chariote, the movie on Amazon Prime ( or on YouTube ( Special appearances by Chuck D of Public Enemy, Tony King (The Godfather, The Toy, Sparkle), Ray Jr. (The Game Ain't For Everybody), Peter Lawson Jones (Alex Cross, Made In Cleveland).